Dutch Open | 29 - 30 march 2014
Welcome to the 21st edition of the Dutch Open!
This year, the XXI (21st) edition of the Dutch Disc Golf Open Championships will be held at Elsenbgerbos park, Rijswijk April 4th and 5th 2015. This location is the same as for the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014 Dutch Open editions.


04/04/15 Groups round 3 online.
Groups for round 3 are posted online. Last minute changes due to cancellations still possible. Please refer to actual groups listing at tournament HQ.

04/04/15 Finals and groups.
Finals will be played on holes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, 16 & 17.
Players who place (after tiebreak) MPO 1-12, FPO 1-4, MPM 1-8, MPG 1-4, MJ1 1-4, MA1 1-4 <<- correction will compete in the finals.

04/04/15 Doubles results.
1. Juho/Janne 46 - 70€
2. Christian/Tomas 50 - 45€
3. Henrik/Tobias & Marcus/Jasper 51
5. Ben/Peter & Seppo/Raimo 52
7. Juho/Rauli 53
8. Mikko/Teemu & Ville/Pasi 54
10. Rene/Laurens & Jean-Louis/Maxime 55
12. Rens/Sander 56
13. Markku/Jenni & Ville/Markus & Antti/Jori 58
16. Jonas/Mats 59 (57+2)
17. Timo/Tapio 60
18. Jarmilla/Jaroslav & Chris/Marion 61
20. Dennis/Johan 62
21. Stefan/Martin & Michiel/Jeff 63
23. Dean/Dawey 64

02/04/15 Lunch update.
Did you want to order lunch, but forgot to, up to now?
Not to worry; when you register on friday, you can still order lunch (€12,50 per meal).

29/03/15 Groups round 1 online.
Groups for round 1 are posted online. Last minute changes due to cancellations still possible. refer to actual groups listing at tournament HQ.

10/02/15 Current PDGA membership.
As you will obviously know, your PDGA membership needs to be current at the start of the tournament. Please check this page to see if your membership is current.

10/02/15 Caddybook online.
The course for Dutch Open 2015 is the same as last year's. Full details and caddybook are online.

28/01/15 Registration Stage 3 open.
Players from stage 3 can now register. Unfortunately, anyone registering now will end up on the waiting list, due to the amount of registrations we received to date.

14/01/15 Registration Stage 2 open.
Players from stage 2 can now register. Anyone from Stage 1 should now have paid to confirm their spot, or will need to register again if payment has not been made yet.

31/12/14 Registration open tonight.
Registration for Dutch Open 2015 will commence at midnight (GMT+1) of January 1st 2015 (ie. midnight between december 31st and january 1st), while the rest of central Europe celebrates this joyous fact with champagne, hugs, and fireworks.

10/12/14 Registration.
As per tradition, registration for Dutch Open 2015 will open midnight of January 1st (GMT+1).

10/12/14 Preparing for 2015.
Once again, thank you all (players, staff, volunteers) for a superb Dutch Open 2014.
One last time, we'll look back upon this year's event, before we start preparing for the 2015 event.

Congratulations to our divisional winners!!!
MPO: Juho Parviainen
FPO: Natalie Holloköi
MPM: Bert Brader
MPG: Derek Robins
MPS: Markku Tohni
MJ1: Jasper Heino
MA1: Ben Bolduc
Hope to see you all return to Rijswijk, to defend your title!

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