Dutch Open | 29 - 30 march 2014
Welcome to the 20th edition of the Dutch Open!
This year, the XX (20th !!) edition of the Dutch Disc Golf Open Championships will be held at Elsenbgerbos park, Rijswijk March 29th and 30th 2014. This location is the same as for the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013 Dutch Open editions.


30/03/14 Day one done. Scores online and Groups for round 3 online.
Congratulations to Juho Parviainen, Natalie Holloköi, Bert Brader, Derek Robins, Markku Tohni, Ben Bolduc, and Jasper Heino with their divisional wins at the Dutch Open 2014!
PDGA Results.
Thank you all, and see you again next year!

29/03/14 Day one done. Scores online and Groups for round 3 online.
PDF file with groups for round 3.
PDGA Results online.
Get your well-deserved rest, and see you tomorrow!

20/03/14 Caddybook online.
Caddybook with time schedule and hole desriptions has just been uploaded.

19/03/14 Caddybook & course.
Caddybook is currently being finalised, and will be online in the next two days. Course layout is exactly the same as last year.

19/03/14 Provisional groups round #1.
PDF file with groups for round 1.
This list is in no way definitive yet, and may still change, if and when cancellations occur.

24/02/14 Daylight saving time.
In the night from saturday march 29th to sunday march 30th, the clocks will be adjusted, one hour forward to be precise. This means you will have one hour less of night rest. Make sure you adjust your clocks and alarms.

16/02/14 Lunch.
Lunch options are confirmed now. They are the same as last years'. Please check here for more details.
Each player selected lunch options during registration, and chosen options can be found in your registration email.
Want to make any changes to your lunch reservations? Please email hans@dutch-open.com.

16/02/14 Accommodation.
Like last year, Worldhotel Grand Winston Den Haag/Rijswijk has been chosen as players hotel. Please check here for more details.
For any players that already made reservations, please get in touch with hotel, and they will retroactively give you the same deal.

12/02/14 Playersfield now filled.
With the initial allocation of wildcards, the full 90 spot playersfield is filled well in advance. Any players on the waitinglist that prefer to remain available for spots that are made available again, please make sure your payment is made. any player no longer wishing to be in the waitinglist, please notify us via email ( marion@dutch-open.com ), and we'll remove you from the list, and refund (if applicable).

20/01/14 Alcohol and junior players.
Since january 1st 2014, people under the age of 18 may not buy alcohol (nor have it given to them by an adult). Please be aware of this when ordering drinks at the HQ.

15/01/14 Registration problem - and solved.
For about 35 minutes, there was a problem with registrations that affected 2 players that we know of. We fixed it, our apologies.

13/01/14 Registration stage 2 opening.
It's almost time for stage 2 opening, just over 24 hours left. Anyone who registered during stage 1 without paying in time (before jan 14th) will be removed from the list. Those players will need to re-register, and will obviously lose their priority spot.

10/01/14 Playersfield update.
10 days in, we've got 38 registrations (10 of which already confirmed). Players from 9 countries (and as expected, the majority being Finnish), and 7 men with 1000+ rating, an 1 woman with 900+ rating.

31/12/13 Registration.
In little less than 24 hours, registration for the Dutch Open will start!

19/12/13 Registration.
Registration for Dutch Open 2014 will commence at midnight (GMT+1) of January 1st 2014 (ie. midnight between december 31st and january 1st), while the rest of central Europe celebrates this joyous fact with champagne, hugs, and fireworks.
A EuroTour first, is that from this event on, the division FA1 (Women Advanced Amateurs) is officially being offered to the competitiors.

19/12/13 Hosting club.
Shortly after the Dutch Open 2013, a large group of Dutch players (many of these have been responsible for the last few Dutch Open events) united themselves as Discgolf Vereniging Randstad. This club will be the host and curator of this year's event.

18/12/13 Preparing for 2014.
Once again, thank you all (players, staff, volunteers) for a superb Dutch Open 2013.
One last time, we'll look back upon this year's event, before we start preparing for the 2014 event.

Congratulations to our divisional winners!!!
MPO: Henrik Johansen
FPO: Sofie Sandström
MPM: Jean-Louis Tanghe (after winning tie-break against countryman Marco Lehousse)
MPG: Rodi Nordberg (after winning tie-break against Paul Francz)
MPS: Markku Tohni
MJ1: Niko Rättyä
MA1: John Michael Doyle
Hope to see you all return to Rijswijk, to defend your title!

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